Heroes! The nation needs you. Milandes what you would think of as a traditional LARP that has been hidden from the public eye in the foothills of Quebec. Quebec?! Like French Canada? That is correct. This predominately francophone game brings the beauty of diplomatic rivalry and elegance of French culture into a smooth maple syrup-like substance. Milandes has been operating for the last 12 years which is a notable accomplishment for sure. This maturely seasoned game is heavily focused on roleplay with precision boffer combat that is quick and deadly. Milandes is a fantasy 18 plus game, however, the average player age is around 30 making for a highly intricate community of dynamically complex characters.


The PVE content isn’t spoon fed. It is up to the players to make the contacts and discover the information needed to progress the story. However, if the NPC is killed before they share their important information, then like IRL it’s lost to time and the story changes direction. There are no second chances. Additionally,  don’t expect interference from organizers when PVP erupts.

Don’t let the language be a barrier. The rulebook can be easily translated by Google and at only 20 pages it’s not too difficult to learn. Your character can be part of the English speaking nation. All of the organizers are bilingual and very supportive. Thus, you and your character can be in a foreign land understanding bits and pieces as if adventures have done throughout history.  How is that for immersion!

What’s Different?

Milandes has taken some interesting approaches in melding LARP with its roots. During the spring the game’s rules are adapted into a 40+ player tabletop to adventure with a bigger than life storyline. While the snow is thick and the site inaccessible. The players’ explorer the lore of the land while slaying veil beasts in an effort to progress the story and prepare themselves for the upcoming season. The game is a continuous story and the players’ action dictate the overarching story.

There are a handful of standard races and a “half-fae” race which is a humanoid methodological hybrid. Orangizers can approve your wildest creations on a case per case bases. This would make the Af-fae race limited only to your creativity.

Getting Started

So how do we give Milandes a try? Goto the website below and contact the organizers. They use both Facebook and their standalone site.

Milandes Facebook Page

Big thanks to Isabelle, one of the organizers for letting us in the know.

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