The Great LARP Escape: Managing Your Magical Minions

Running a Live Action Role-Playing (LARP) game can feel like juggling flaming swords while riding a unicorn—exhilarating but slightly insane. One undeniable truth: your staff are the real MVPs, and unless you’ve got a team of magic fairies, you’re going to need some real-world helpers. With economic turmoil looming and costs skyrocketing faster than a dragon’s flight, assembling your dream team is a herculean task. So, how do you make your game a reality without turning into a stressed-out wizard? Let’s break it down, Gandalf style.

The Quest for Help

Running a LARP is as labor-intensive as convincing a dragon to brush its teeth. You can’t do it all alone, so start by crafting a plan and budget during your breaks between potion brewing. How much help do you need? What resources do you have? And, most importantly, how much gold is left in the treasure chest once all expenses are paid?

The Managerial Mage

Congratulations! You’re the manager of this magical circus. Define your expectations for your team and ensure everyone is on the same page, unless you have developed telepathic abilities (if so, share the secret). Without clear goals, you risk more chaos than a goblin uprising. Respect the fact that your storytellers and plot weavers are doing more than just waving wands on game day; they’re crafting worlds and figuring out how many dragon scales are needed for the next quest.

Training the Troops

Your team may not be seasoned wizards in LARP, so get them trained. Just like a knight doesn’t become a dragon slayer overnight, your staff will need guidance. A well-trained team ensures your game runs smoothly, like a perfectly brewed potion. Make sure that team is trained to take on the task they have and is able to ask you for help if they need it. Remember, be like Merlin and seek your aid.

Gold, Glory, or Game Perks?

Compensating your staff is trickier than a gnome in a treasure trove. Money is a straightforward motivator, but it can bump up game costs. Sharing ownership sounds cool, but beware of the clash of creative titans. In-game bonuses are cost-efficient but can lead to power imbalances and staff sprinting to retirement to enjoy their hard-earned loot. Choose wisely, oh wise game master!

Avoiding Potion Poisoning

Compensation matters. A discontented staff can unleash more havoc than an angry horde of orcs. Beware of unsavoury characters joining the plot team for ulterior motives; nobody wants a rival using plot twists to eliminate their in-game nemesis. No one likes a staff member who is close to the villain, so beware.

Politeness Magic

Always be as polite as a well-mannered elf to your hardworking team. Understand their tasks, train them well, and ensure they feel adequately compensated. Happy staff equals a smoother game flow, and nobody wants a LARP meltdown.

Running a LARP may be an epic quest, but with a dedicated and well-compensated team, you’ll be leading the charge like a legendary hero. So, gather your magical minions, prepare for adventure, and let the LARP adventure begin! May the odds be ever in your favour.

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