Dystopia Rising: Florida

Build your world from the ashes

Matt Asbell – Adam Lobar


Decades have passed since humanity has fallen from its pillar. Poisonous fallout filled the skies and zombies tore apart the living. Most of the world fell to the silence of death.  However, small communities pulled together to hold onto askew remnants of that lost humanity. Notably, deep in the swamp of what was once Florida now resides one such community which fights for its existence, Gatorland.


The zombie-infested wasteland is only the tip of the iceberg. The true beauty of this game is the complex character classes and how they interact in this world.  Choosing from the basic 38 different professions and then possibly advancing to an additional 27 professions. Your character has endless possibilities on how they will function within this post-apocalyptic community. As a result, you can be anything from a gunslinging bandit to your group’s professional teacher.  Furthermore, there is a HUGE crafting system of over 1000 items that the community would benefit from. This would make the combat classes just as important as the support. However, zombies are not the only thing to fear in the night. Anything from random traveling merchants to a “creature known as Chomp, who was a huge mutated alligator that we represented by a massive 6 foot wide 40-foot long alligator crafted from foam, PVC pipe, and wiring”, Matt. The town eventually slew the vile beast but they never know what new horrors await.

What’s Unique

The professionalism is truly astounding. Dystopia Rising has developed a polished rule book, websites, promo material. They have invested in the creation of multiple entertaining videos and social media. Hence, due to their size players can freely travel to any of the 20 guilds across wasteland known formally as the USA. If that isn’t impressive enough, Dystopia Rising hosted a massive event called “Downfall”. Where players from all chapters descended upon a single massive game.  These higher standards trickle down to all their guilds. Dystopia Rising: Florida plays on 200 acres of greenery and “town” comprises of cabins and pavilions. Players can venture out on trails and explore the environment. Resulting in a “must attend”

Getting Started

DR: Florida is very accommodating to new players. Their “New Player” write up can be found HERE. Moreover, players can borrow equipment up to their 3rd game which is nice for those that are new to LARPing.

Location: 2087 SE Bible Camp St, High Springs, FL 32643

Dystopia Rising: Florida


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