A new age for an old world

Xadune is cloaked in mystery. The world has been tossed into darkness when its 3 trinary stars disappeared for a brief moment in recent history. The gods fell silent.  Many cultures were lost. Then, as unexpected as it began only 2 stars returned. However, the planet and people were changed forever. During this devastating event, some cultures reached the steam age. While magic still exists this new form of technology has created new possibilities for commoners and adventurers alike. Xadune is held in a blended setting of fantasy and Victorian steampunk.


The gameplay is predominantly PVE with boffer, packet and Nerf gun combat. There is a heavy amount of Mod (Storyline) content. The story team is designed in a way that longer story arcs are seamlessly carried forward.  Thus, players experience a continuous storyline over the years. Volunteers are summoned to play the role of monsters. They receive extra XP and loot for doing this. As well, are able to reset their skill cooldowns. Newcomers are welcome to monster entire events right off the start to better learn the rules.

One cool story was when the goddess of death disappeared for a weekend. No one was able to be killed. The game focused on the downside of immortality. How do you get rid of your enemies when murder is no longer an option? No idea, that was my goto. A fantastic story that would have made for some interesting LARPing

What’s unique?

Xadune won best LARP food of 2013! Having a meal with your fellow adventures is important to the community. On Saturdays for 1 hour, the game slows down and everyone shares a meal. There are sometimes interesting characters that join for supper which is always entertaining. Also, Xadune was featured in a commercial for my/mo ice cream (see below)

Everything in the game has a threshold. The threshold can determine if an object can be broken or not. Furthermore, Marshals can bend these rules to allow interesting story elements. For example, a marshal can allow a door to be shot open with a gun one day or not another. These thresholds do allow players to come up with interesting solutions to puzzles they encounter.

Everyone has a bunk, apparently common in the south. Every player gets bunk as part of there game fee. These bunks are in cabins throughout the campgrounds. Thus, allowing traveling players to pack lite. Cabins have in-game player defenses that are not limited to barriers, traps, and constructs.

Getting started

Xadune is played on 3 sites which is nice to have a regular change of scenery. There are approximately 10 games per year. All are outdoors camping events.  The rulebook is available once you register on the forums. see their website below.

Thank you Emily M. for sharing Xadune with us. Definitely, recommend this one to you adventurers

If you haven’t joined LARPnews facebook group, please join. Building the community 1 day at a time.

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