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Getting lost in the department store is one thing. Getting lost in an alternate world with monsters roaming the countryside is a completely different kettle of fish.  Welcome survivors to Altered LARP. Altered is a modern-day occult fantasy reflected behind our existing reality. Players are trapped in this alternate world and work together to stay alive. Originally created from the embers of Stranger Worlds which never saw daylight. The project was resurrected and completed by Brandon W., Marco D, and Leighton S. With extensive backgrounds in horror, post-apocalypse, and dark fantasy.  These fellas have put together an amazing experience. So, let’s take a closer look at Altered.



Altered is a continuous story with a strong emphasis on discovery.  Players can find item tags or oddities these are throughout this world. The combat system is boffer and nerf gun. The magic system is mostly community ritual style. Thus, you need to put together a group of willing (or otherwise) people in order to perform some magic.  All participants need to roleplay a part of the ritual for the spell to be successful. Altered is ingrain with discovery. For example, parts of the rulebook are blanked out. The player needs to find out about those things ingame as you experience them to learn the secrets behind Altered.

What is an example of some gameplay? The players season finale was quite the sight as explained by Brandon & Leighton. Players needed to evacuate their current establishment. Furthermore, they needed to move their gear and located a pickup truck. They loaded all their gear into it, and ran an escort mission as they fought off a never-ending onslaught of baddies. A small group stayed behind to give the truck a head start but shortly fell to defeat. As they reached a portal for safety some characters were overcome and fell. Moments of heroism ensued and a few went back to drag their fallen comrades through the portal.  One heroic character named Sid, stood his ground at the entrance of the portal and fought his dying breath to allow as many of his peers to escape. Without warning, the portal closed behind him as he was overwhelmed by his injuries. His character was lost but will not be forgotten. A truly spectacular moment. Altered isn’t out to kill anyone’s character, there are no death counts. However, we aren’t pulling any punches. You need to work together to solve these challenges.

What’s Unique?

Visual character progression

“New players are modern humans caught unaware when they were pulled through to the game world. This means starting costuming is whatever a normal human would be wearing when they enter our world by accident or design, so you can show up wearing anything from your normal street clothes to a tennis outfit to a scuba suit to a ballroom gown… the possibilities are endless! These pieces of clothing eventually degrade, distress, and are reinforced as your PC acclimates to the world they find themselves in. In addition to that, new players can fall through from our world with valuable pieces of technology like firearms and computers, so new players will be sought out for the value they can bring to those are all well established in the game, but potentially less well equipped. Additionally, our modern setting means that things like computers, cell phones, lights, and even cars are all parts of the game, which gives us a lot of latitude in making unique mods.” Marco.


Oddities are events that player can find all over the game world. When a player comes across an oddity they then need to take it to the NPC camp and a module will be played out for them. This will allow players to explore the game world and find new and interesting bits of the story. One example would be when a player found an oddity of 2 factions doing some shady transactions. It was up to the player what they will do with this information and how it will affect the storyline.

Getting Started

Check us out on our website, at , we’re also on facebook at Altered Larp, and have a facebook community group that folks can get involved in!


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