The Eris Initiative

A new world awaits

Colonists! You have been selected for the Eris Initiative. This initiative is for the expansion and security of the human race. The dangers you face are vast but the rewards are greater. Private corporations have funded your involvement in Eris. Your mission is to secure resources, expand territory, sway political influence and provide security to the community. Above all, the preservation of our way of life is utmost important.


You emerge from a Cyro chamber in an unknown land, it is up to you to establish communications with your faction back home. This sci-fi LARP with a very simplified ruleset which is easy to learn and modules that build up upon that. The game has a closed system tv stream with news reports (missions) and a stock market as values of items and corporations that change daily. As players complete corporate jobs they increase in value on the stock market. Thus, increasing their political power. The game is primarily PVE focused, PVP is possible as tensions escalate. However, killing players thus damaging corporate property will get you noticed. Being a Yes man builds your corporate Rep. Reputation unlocks unique social skills from political favors to intellectual property licenses. You can secretly build rep with other corporations than your announced one.

What’s Unique!?

Where to start. Corporate Secrecy is solved by not having any agency abilities in the rules. There is no mind control effects, truth serum or anything along those lines. Meaning, that you can develop new schematics, corrupt corporations and keep your mouth shut. You will be able to change the direction of the game without anyone knowing.

Crafting can happen anytime. While in combat, if you’re running low on ammunition. Therefore, the crafter in your group can create additional rounds while hiding behind a knocked over table. Thus, this would make the crafter in your group a must have in any group. Crafters can also craft more than just bullets as long as they have the materials and skill available.

There is an investigation tree that allows you to figure out how certain things piece together. The ingenious mechanic behind this that the use of UV pigment and use of a UV light. This would allow the problem solver to see unique clues.

The Eris Initiative is not shying away from tech in this game. It’s not limited to life sign detectors, drones, lasers, and much more. This makes for very interesting mods to complete.

Getting Started

I would like to thank Guiseppe for sharing a sneak peek. All the best on the upcoming launch
Join the Eris Initiative for its grand opening game! November 30th, 2018.

The game held in

Prince William Forest Park 18170 Park Entrance Rd, 22172 Triangle, USA

The Eris Initiative Facebook

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