LARP an acronym we all know. It has the power to create lasting friendships. Overcome social anxiety, build self-confidence, adds richness to our lives. LARP forces us to work together to accomplish a goal or task. It instills bravery in the face of fear. It gives us the opportunity to be more than we think we are.

The goal of LARPnews is to lower the barrier of entry to the general public in becoming LARPers. By writing about games across the world, individuals that would be interested in finding something in their area may stumble upon your game. Blogs about what to wear and how to act,  enrich our community. Guildmaster tips give a little behind the scene insight that may come in handy.

We are not the best, but because of that, we will work harder for your support. Help us build a community. Help us in making LARP more mainstream.

If you have a game in your area that you would like us to add to our database, please submit here.

Thank you,

Alek Lupa
Chief Editor

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