A game of Man and Gods

Ever wonder what it would be like to strike a deal with Hades or dodge a lightning bolt from Zeus. Alura LARP brings these ancient Greek gods back to life. Immerse yourselves in this ancient world to fight alongside or against them.  Alura is located in Southern Ontario near St. Cathrine’s. A stone’s throw away for our American cousins at Buffalo, New York.  The game has been running once a month for the last 4 years by its designer Colton Schug. Colton wanted to create a sense of community for all ages. Alura is family friendly with some adult themes so it’s up to the parents to monitor their kids level of involvement.


The game is currently being played at a very inspiring twin waterfall conservation area call “Ball’s Falls Conservation” (seriously). The grounds are very well kept and clear footpaths, open fields, and prize-winning water features. Two players, Tenze and Nina constantly give back to the community by serving chicken carbonara for dinner and delicious crepes for breakfast for nothing more than a few in-game coins.  They are seasoned LARPers and just wanted a place to relax on their weekends were focus was the community.

Tenze and Nina


Alura is open world PVP and the community leans towards more PVE. However, there is an interesting PVP cause and visual effect dynamic to allow you to gauge just how evil someone is. As characters do naughty things, they gain Blight points. The higher your Blight you need to apply makeup to signify sunken eyes and blacken lips. As you max out Blight, if still alive your character would also have blackened veins. A truly scary sight around the campfire in the middle of the night


So how do we join the garden of the Hesperides? like everything else in LARP and IRL it would be good to know the rules. The rulebook can be downloaded right off the website (link below). Follow through and get a general Idea what race you’d like to play. You have 12 to choose from all with advantageous and disadvantageous traits that shape your gameplay. Followed by many skills and fighting styles depending on your play style. Alura is noob friendly, so if you try something and don’t like it you can remake your character with ease. Want to give it a try! come out the first one is on the house*. Furthermore, there are also additional first timer health points in case you find yourself standing in the wrong place at the wrong time.

* some conditions apply

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