Outdoor Winter LARP

When snow can't even stop you.

Story Highlights
  • Snow is cold
  • Wear layers
  • Dry warm socks do wonders
  • Keep warm, duh

Winter is a uniquely beautiful season to be outdoors in all its grandeur. The echo of howling wind, the crackle of the snow beneath your feet. The all-encompassing awe of the northern lights. Add LARP to the mix and you have a truly immersive environment. Whether fighting for survival from ravenous hordes of zombies or pleasing the northern nobles in a great feast. Winter strengthens existing friendships and creates new ones while huddling the campfire for warmth. Be warned! Those wishing to camp in character will need to plan and prep to pull this off. This ain’t no level one spell kiddos.


Your basics need to be broken down into the 4 categories Food, Water, Warmth and Rest. Let’s take a quick look at each one. However, there is a lot to this than this post can get into here. Sign up for winter camping courses in your area if you want it in a controlled environment.


Roasting hot dogs over the open flame may get you by in the summer, but this just won’t be filling running around in the cold. You’ll need to prep some hearty meals and heat them over the open flame or rocket stove. Focus on things like chilly or stews. If your cooking skill is Orcish at best, you could try some pre-made meals that only require water (not frozen obviously). These things are truly magic, magnesium reacts with the water and cooks your meal while on the run. Favorite would be the pad thai with chicken (Here

Pad thai with chicken


Remember to drink plenty of fluids. A case of water bottles may get you by the rest of the year. It may prove challenging when they’re all little blocks of ice. You’ll want to get yourself a decent thermos wrapped in whatever your game style. Drinking Teas, coffee and hot chocolates these will keep you from turning blue.


Clothing! In one word, layers. Layers are super important you’ll want to have a base layer and build on that. Your garb should be the top one or two layers. If you are going to be running around a lot, wear a few layers to prevent breaking a sweat. Once you’re wet, it may be very difficult to get warm and need to change into something dry. Same goes for socks! Change them often.


Sleeping in a tent in the middle of winter, hey you’re considering this. First off the comforts of an air mattress won’t do. you’ll need a closed cell mat, thicker the better. This will insulate you from the ground. Get a winter rated sleeping bag. Toss your boots in a plastic bag in place them at your feet. There’s nothing worst then ice cold boots in the morning. Pack into a tent like sardines, not advisable to rock it solo. The body warmth will make it more bearable.

Well, hopefully, I talked some sense into you and will not *nods* do this. But if you wish to spin the wheel of faith. We wish you luck. If you do plan on LARP winter camping, stick with someone that has some experience and you should be fine. It will most definitely be a story you will tell for eons.

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