Wish Tunics Review

Thinking of joining a larp, and looking to buy a costume. There are many different companies that sell costumes. Were do you start looking?. Since you are just starting it is important to get a starting kit (costume) as affordable as possible. A great place to look is Wish. Wish is a online e-commerce company. You can get a shirt (tunic about the size of a shirt) for $16 plus $4 shipping. The short sleeve tunic comes in 5 different colours green, blue, red, black and brown. With five different colour there is a lot of options to match colours that meets your character needs. The sizes ranges from S – 4XL. So there is a good selection. I own a green version of this tunic, and I found it a good buy. It has stood well in the larp I play. Plus two other people I know also own these and they are very happy with there purchases. They also have few different tunics with more colours, in case that are looking for something different. These tunics range in different styles and fits, some of these tunics go down to your knees. They are all around the same price. To check them all out you can go to wish  and view them for yourself. The only strike I can say against this products  is that the quality is better if you buy your tunic from a larp store (such as epic armoury,Artisans d’Azure, or  Calimacil) or Esty. The larp stores or Esty tend to use better fabric, better sewing some work is hand done and more elaborate work such as embroidery work. The price at these stores is higher and the tunics at Wish are great for anyone just starting or that wants to save a bit of money. Overall I find there products to be affordably priced, plus these tunics will leave you looking great at larp and ready to fit in at any fantasy based larp game allowing you to further immersive yourself in the game. 

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