Robin in the Hood Medieval Festival

We all know the story of Robin Hood versus the sheriff of Nottingham and his adventures to bring peace and happiness to the land. With the renfaire being closed two years because of the plague. And the people being in a funk because of it. Could the Robin in the Hood faire overcome this new foe to bring merriment to the land again?

With peoples habits possibly changing due to fears of the plague. Would people return? Would the crowds once again cheer? Would there be a vendor screaming get your pickles?

I have to say I’ve been travelling to this festival in Elmira, for many years. This year’s festivals entertainment was right on the bullseye. The shows were exciting with extremely skilled actors pulling off many difficult tricks such as blacksmithing, juggling, swordplay, storytelling and rope work. In one show a girl took some string and woven in her hands to make it look like a fox. And of course, there was an archery tournament and a place for people to try their archery skills.

There was a large variety of vendor selling a great selection of wares. They were selling everything you could possibly need or want from clothing for the faire, belts, armour, pouches and other leather goods, there was tea sales, archery equipment, wands, books, jewellery, face painting, fairy accessories, paintings and anything that a fine medieval faire would have. I saw many people including Larpnews crew buying lots of things from the vendors. 

These are a few of the skilled artisan vendors that were at the faire 

A-Designs Ornament Co 

ITR Creations 

111 – QD Scrapworks

Magpie Costumes 

Stoned and Wired 

Purely Wicked  

Silver Haunt 

Into the Labyrinth 

Whimsical Squid Creations 

MacFie’s Wand & Wizard Shop 

Grainharvest Breadhouse Inc.

Second Wynd Leatherworks

Lady Offredi

As a guest you were allowed to bring your dogs which was amazing because this allows you to get to enjoy the faire with your four-legged member of your family. And who doesn’t want to see puppies and dogs? The festival also encouraged visitors to dress up, and many individuals did so. The guest were all amazing and came from many different walks of life. Everyone was very friendly. I met three different larp groups there, Under world, Fanasty Alive and Amtgard. I got to take pictures with a lot of wonderful people in many fabulous costumes. I myself came in my true form as a fae.

As a Fae, I arrived in my actual form.

The food was good they had a pretzel stand that’s sold an amazing pretzel with apple and cinnamon. There was a place with traditional food if that was more to your taste. With food such as hotdogs and nachos. You could take your food to the Red Dragon Tavern which had live music to entertain you while you ate. Oh, and yes, the pickle man was there and he was heard loudly throughout Sherwood Forest.

Thee PICKLE MAN cometh, and britngeth a cart of PICKLES!!!

Everyone who attended had a merry time, in celebration of the return of Robin in the Hood for its 22nd faire. We thank the people that made this faire possible and look forward to returning to Sherwood for more adventures next year and encourage you to join us. link to the faire Robin in the Hood –

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