A.I. Generated LARP

Long gone are the days of running a LARP from a notebook. Now it’s common to see interactive databases, automatic payments and self-updating character cards to name a few advancements in our niche industry. When organizing games that require a high level of content, writing that content gets harder as the season progresses. It’s like a 100 short story marathon in a typical season of 6-8 months. Writer’s block or fatigue sets in and storytellers sometimes burn out due to the heavy volume required. The demand persists to keep their players intrigued and entertained. Thus, A.I. generated stories are now a possibility to keep writers sane from this overwhelming task.

Artificial Intelligence storytelling

Developments in A.I. storytelling are currently being developed for such things as children’s books. The main focus is on “Common Sense Reasoning”. Such as taking facts and making assumptions. A.I matching a 5-year-old is the goal but still requires more development. However, since LARP by nature is a live storybook. Implementing A.I storytelling into LARP would be a perfect match. Below I started telling a story (in Blue) and allowed an A.I. to finish my thoughts (in Green).


Henry drew his sword and was about to enter a cave where rumors of spiders and other vial things crept. He approached the entrance of the cave

…and, without waiting for his guard to be lowered, he struck out and cut the top off a rock. A small stream of blood was pouring down into the cave. He was almost through when a sudden sound behind him stopped him cold.

Two small, red eyes looked out from the dark tunnel, and a small, red spider’s body began crawling around. The spiders, however, didn’t appear to have been looking for prey. A pair of them had crawled into a small hole where there was a large hole in the wall, and they were looking for something in there.


As in the example above the story isn’t perfect. However, it did generate ideas on story progression that were different from my own. The best part that these pioneer A.I storytellers are free to use, which is within most LARPs budgets. Check out the link below for Talk to Transformer created by Adam King.

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