Fighter Class

New to this hobby of LARP? Need a little help choosing what to play? Well then let’s together look at some basics to building a starting character. When playing a fantasy LARP there are generally three major classes warrior, rogue, and mage. This article will explore the strengths, weakness and some ideas on what you can do with each class, both combat based and role-playing based. In addition, we will look at some of the cost of playing each class.

First, let start with fighter class, this class hits the hardest has the most hit points. They can parry most attacks out of the way. They generally wear a lot of armour because they stand in the thick of battle, and use it to soak up a lot of damage. They are capable of using most weapons and deliver devastating blows on their enemies. On the battlefield, these warriors are like tanks. They are good against the rogue class as they knock aside the assassin strikes. Able to defend against raining down furious blows on them. They are weak against the mage. While a to hit harder any mage in a contest of arms, the mage has many spells that easy turn the tide of battle. A spell is hard to physically get out of the way in all that armour. And shields are an easy target for spells to hit. If you are looking roleplaying aspect fighters in most games are good at learning blacksmith. You could be the towns and blacksmith fix their armour, sell then weapons. Some good examples of fighters in fantasy are King Arthur, Brienne of Tarth and Conan the Barbarian.

In conclusion, the fighter class is the swiss army knife of combat but excels in being a tank. It is an easy class to play not having to memorize a ton of spell or be a sneaky rogue. The downside is the real-life cost of buying armour. Stay tuned in as we talk about the two other classes rogue and mage.

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