Into The Labyrinth

Greetings, fellow adventurers! Have you heard of Into the Labyrinth? It’s a magical place where you can find whimsical hats and headpieces that will add a unique and fun twist to your attire, whether it be for a costume party or your everyday wear. Legend has it that it all started as a fun craft project by its creator (me!), who soon realized she had no use for 80 or more horn headbands for herself but didn’t want to stop making them.

The idea of horns came from memories of the old Ontario Renfest in Milton, a place with permanent structures, a large jousting field, and a forest merchant row. There was a small stall that sold small clay horns on shoelaces, and it was from there that the inspiration for the horn headbands was born.

When I heard of a fairy faire in Guelph, I made myself and my friend a new pair of horns, this time on headbands to stop the string from sliding up the back of our heads. The original ones were one-inch molded clay wired to the headbands, surrounded by flowers. But as the years passed, my styles evolved, and now the horns are made of felt, which greatly increases the colors available and the height of the horns.

And it’s not just horns, my friends! There’s now a large selection of wolf, fawn, and fox ears, oh my! And hats! Witch hats, old school witch and wizard styles, sun styles, mushroom and flower hats. These hats give me a slightly larger space for artistic flare, adding small animals, skeletons, ears, whole themes, and scenes.

But it’s not just about the aesthetics, my dear friends. Most hats come named with their personality printed on a small card, along with which crystals they are wearing, for added fun and good juju. Each piece is infused with love and good intentions, making them truly magical.

If you’re looking for a unique and magical piece to add to your collection, check out my small Etsy shop and my Instagram page, where I post pictures of my creations. And if you see something you love and need, don’t hesitate to DM me on Instagram. While I don’t do custom pieces, I am willing to work with you on an idea, theme, or loose color idea.

So come, fellow adventurers, step into the labyrinth, and let me enchant you with my magical creations!


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