The BEST part of LARP!

What is the best part of LARP? …The magic items? …Combat? Glory?

These are all fun and essential parts of a successful LARP but there is one thing that supersedes all. The Community! Complete immersion in your fantasy world is fantastic and sometimes things get in the way of this.

Not appreciating all the set up for your LARP, new players not being clear on in-game conduct, and also veteran players being reticent about helping newer players. Everybody working together makes the game greater. Mentor-ship of new players by vets, being appreciative of people giving up their weekend as NPC’s, sharing older equipment with players who lack resources. All of these things contribute to EVERYONE having more fun, immersive experience.

In conclusion, It takes an entire community to make LARP work well. Players are always coming and going and that can be disruptive to play. So, do we grumble about it or pitch in and help everyone have a great time, allowing LARP to grow in popularity. I know what I choose.

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