Larping Etiquette

List of 10 helpful points for social etiquette rules to help new players be well received by the larping community. 

  1. Limit out of character talk, asking questions about the game is fine, but try not to talk about movies and video games. If you are looking for things to talk about try asking about things in game like religion or guilds that your character can join. If you do need to break immersion, Most games have a signal for it.
  2. Know the system you’re entering, combat rules, calls and the like. If you’re unclear, others will clarify, but it’s assumed that you are familiar with the basics.
  3. Read the rules of the game before you play. That way you will be able to understand what is going on.
  4. A larp is a group art project where each participant is accountable for the enjoyment of the others. Even if In-game you are playing against each other, out of game you’re playing for each other and responsible for other people’s enjoyment.
  5. Many people use larp as a means of escape, so always remember to “Stay PC.” The LGBT+ populations, different pronoun identities, and mental illnesses/conditions all make up a sizable section of the player base Larp participants dress up as elves, orcs, dragon-kin, hobbits, and other characters and are often quite welcoming of various lifestyles, which draws individuals who may not feel the same way about regular society – once more as a “Escape.” So, have an open mind.
  6. As for touching – Assume ‘Don’t touch’. Get consent before you physically touch someone.
  7. Nobody wins larping, don’t try to be the first. Larp is a group activity. There are no solo player larps.
  8. Do not try to be the center of attention all the time, there are other players let everyone have their chance in the spotlight.
  9. Do not be a bully. Many people who play larp were bullied at one time or another and no one likes a bully.
  10. Seems like a lot, but ultimately – Be Excellent to each other.

These ten points of larp etiquette will make larp better for new players and the groups they play with.

Remember to have fun and enjoy the adventure. 

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