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Grand Pappy: Lost in Space

Did I ever tell you the one how I found this world?” “Yes! Pappy, you’re a fallen angel, ha ha ha” a voice from the dark. “well it’s a good story so im going to tell it anyway, I was drifting through the darkness of space. My ship had taken damage and I was just floating there. Didn’t have astrometrics so I was lost. 3 days I floated there. until all a sudden there was a knock on the hatch. I peered through the stern port there was an old beat up freighter. Turns out i happened to be at the rendezvous between smugglers. I guess the other ship mistook me for who they were meeting. So they docked with me and loaded a crate before i could say a word. Not knowing what else to do, i opened it and there was Kittens. An entire crate full of cute adorable kittens. Soft ones. Fluffy ones. All types of breeds. I reached into the crate and picked one up. It began to purr incisively.

Immediately I went to the galley to see if I could get them something to eat and drink. I found some tuna and jug of milk. I grabbed a couple of bowls and headed back to the crate. When I got there the kittens were
Gone! Not a one in sight. I started looking around and found a hole cut into the bulkhead into a service duct. I climbed in a found the kittens had laid a batch of slimy, warty looking eggs.

There was an eerie layer of mist hovering over the Eggs. I approached cautiously. The eggs seemed to react to my disturbance of the mist.

Next thing I knew, a top of one of the eggs opened. I peered over the edge into what could be compared to being a white milky substance inside.
A pair of eyes looked up into my own, “mew?”

I was in awe and a little frightened. Kittens? Hatching?! Preposterous. Next thing I knew, it leaped out of its shell and started running around the ship. Then another one hatched! Pop! Pop! They kept coming and before I knew it one was on my face. With its paws wrapped around my head, I began to feel claws digging into the back of my skull. I started to gasp for air as the kitten’s grasp tightened. I started to flail about, fighting to loosen its grip, but soon enough I passed out. When I came to, the ship was dark with only the red emergency lights aglow. A faint beeping resounded from somewhere. The sounds of many tiny feet scampering around and chewing on wires echoed from the walls.

Disoriented, I pushed myself up from my puddle of drool on the deck and scampered over to the console.


Impact?! With what? I tinkered with the controls for 30 seconds when the sun shield started to rise and behold the sight of a dark and gloomy planet. The terrifying sight of the planet and my impending death made me forget all about the alien kittens until one clawed it’s way up my back and sat upon my shoulder. “Mew?”

I hope you’re happy, you adorable demon spawn,” I muttered absently petting the kitten, while I made the necessary calculations to slow our approach and angle for smooth entry into the atmosphere. One of the kittens managed to climb in behind the console. There as a wide array of circuit boards and wires.. “magic stuff” that made my ship fly. Well, to my surprise the minion tripped a wire or something. The entire ship powered up. Navigation came online, Helm, Planetary scanner engage.. then it cut out and we were back in the dark. SO, I got a clever idea. I started catching the kittens and shoving then in the crack behind the console. If one made the ship work for a little bit, 20 should get me back on course. I may not have been thinking straight but you wouldn’t believe what happened next

The caught kittens formed a cuddle puddle behind the panel.

Electricity crackled.

The lights brightened and the ship asked, “Where to, sir?”

“Down. I want you to take me in for a calm and smooth landing” “Right away sir” the ship chirped. The ship fell silent as it did what I’d commanded it to with the exception of a loud purring coming from behind the console, with the single kitten that started it all, still draped over my shoulders, kneading my arm and purring softly. ‘I’ll set them all loose upon arrival’, I thought. ‘Well, almost all of them. The ship landed here on this world. The hatch opened and most of the kittens ran off exploring and causing mischief. I was then pegged as a Dwarf by the locals.. and goblins tore my ship apart for shiny things they can sell. (The End)

Found this story assuming, it was a combine effort on Grand Pappy Wednesdays on our Facebook Group

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