The Eras Chronicles

Genre: The Éras Chronicles is a medieval low-fantasy, high immersion LARP, that runs in Pennsylvania. After a successful 6 year campaign, the game is set to start again in April of 2020, but this time in a whole new setting – 1500 years before the start of the first story. Where the first game sought to explore the reality of a stable world breaking into pieces, the second explores how the world came to be.

Our story focuses on joining together a wide range of unique cultures of differing views, customs and lifestyles, all in the wake of a large scale and world-changing disaster. It’s a tale of learning to create a new life, and, more importantly, a new sense of identity, as the first nations of Éras are being formed.

We focus on emphasizing the key elements of player initiative, immersive and consistent storytelling, and cooperative play. In a game of make believe, we still strive to present realistic and believable themes.

Combat: Boffer

Physical Address: 225 Thomas Dam Rd, Millmont, PA 17845

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