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How to promote and improve your larp

How to promote and improve your larp that is the million-dollar question. So, what’s the answer? The best answer I can give you is you need to create excitement with the players. You need to be upfront and be leading where you need to improve where your larp is going. You need a short term and in the long-term plan.

You need to determine your larp resources and how much you have available to make changes to it. You need to look at how much money you are taking in on tickets and other things such as selling in game materials, experience, special skills and races as well as other things like that. You will need to cross it off against your expenses such as the price of land, insurance, staff, props, costuming and so on and so forth. Once you have that done you can determine how much money you can spend on improvements or whether you need to charge more to make upgrades. 

Some of the easiest improvements you can do to your game is start something like a Wikipedia page with pictures explaining the different things in your larp for player to do. Make it friendly and helpful to new players. You can investigate ways to improving your costuming, masks, and special effects but it is very important when making these upgrades that everyone can see the improvements that you are making to your game. Social media is an excellent way to share this with the players, so they’ll have a good buzz about your game, and it makes fantastic advertising for people who do not play your larp. 

Some of the platforms for advertising that are great for social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Tick Tock. These are free platforms to share your larp with the world. You are going to need someone that can take pictures of larp. You will need to find someone that has the right equipment. This way you can look back at old pictures and see the improvements you’re making. Players also love to have their pictures taken and shown off. Also, it makes a great place for your larp to show off to the world. It’s a perfect spot to get pictures from if you are making promotional material for convention such as flyers and banners.

You should consider if conventions and festivals are right to advertise at. If you feel that you are getting enough for your money. You may want to consider doing some of your larp online it’s a great steppingstone for people that want to try it out but are not sure. That way they try the larp without having to invest in costume or weapons. If your larp is franchised that is great because allows player from different guilds to interact and expose each to their different ideas.

A great way to know when you need to improve your larp just get feedback from your players. Players will know what needs to be fixed in your game, they may not know how to address it. That way you will know there is a problem with your larp that needs to be changed. This will help you get in touch with your player base and understand their needs. And as you develop a better relationship with them, they’ll have a better respect for you. Which will improve the larp and help things run more smoothly. 

I find within Larp community there are many people that are involved in social media where you can get their help to start off your projects. Have fun with you creating excitement and drama your players will love it. Remember people need to see the leader leading and it will take planning and work, but you do it. If a picture is worth a thousand words make your picture that best they can be to tell the story and promote your larp.

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