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LARPnews was featured on 321 Lay-On, most gracious thank you. You can listen to that podcast below. A little about the Owners of 321 Lay-On. Two brothers Ashton and Evan, started their own Podcast since they wanted to know more about what is out there in the LARP world. A noble cause. since we share a common goal here are some of the questions I asked about 321 Lay-On.

What is the general idea of what is 321 Lay-On about?

321 Lay-On! Podcast is part of Next Level Nerd Podcast Network. Usually we bring on guests to talk about some LARP related topic. It could be about a LARP they run or are starting in the future. It might be a specific topic about the game that LARPers (and non-LARPers) would find interesting. And occasionally going beyond LARP, such as SCA, Cosplay, crafting/art, or web comics! We try to keep the show as relatable and interesting as possible for anyone that listens, even someone that has never LARPed. One of the unofficial goals of the podcast is to introduce more people to the hobby and to maybe clarify some of the misconceptions someone that has never played might have about LARP. But mostly we just enjoy talking to other people and especially learning new things about the world of LARP. This is a passion project so we are doing this because we enjoy it and love LARP! We also brought on Joseph Gaffney to the team from Frontier Dawn LARP. Joe jumped right on the NLN wagon by helping co-host the show and starting his own show, “Sugar Frosted Serial”, about television series.

How did You and Evan come up with the idea to make a Podcast about LARP?

I (Ashton) have always loved the podcast format. I have a background in media technology so I had the know how of creating and producing my own podcasts. Once we got back into LARPing the summer of 2017, we really wanted to talk about it more and learn as much as we could about it. So it started with mostly talking to the staff of the game we had just started playing and learning more about it, and the backgrounds of the staff members themselves. Both of us have always been entertainers as well. We were pretty into music and acting growing up, so I think that’s one of the core reasons of recording these conversations and putting them on the internet. So that hopefully someone listens and is entertained!

What is your LARPing background?

Evan and I started LARPing in high school, in the early 2000’s. Our brother LARPed with some of his friends, so once were old enough we wanted to do it as well. That was only for a handful of years until we got busy with college and then work and didn’t LARP at all. Fast forward over ten years, to the summer of 2017 and one of our friends started LARPing again. He asked if we wanted to join him and we said yes right away. So actual time LARPing comes to only around 5 years or so and not very consistently in the early years. But it’s something we love to do and are very excited to get back into it. We have no plans of stopping this time around.

What are your plans for the future?

For now things are going well and we just want to keep moving forward trying to have a show post every week. Eventually, we want to create a community of passionate people under the Next Level Nerd banner that all collaborate and support one another. We have a bunch of dreams and grand schemes, such as conventions, live events, etc. And of course going to as many different LARPs as we can to get first hand experience of the amazing creativity and enthusiasm out there in this awesome LARP and nerd community.

What are the ways we can listen to your podcasts?

You should be able to find us anywhere you listen to podcasts. iTunes, Spotify and any android podcast app are probably the best ways. We also upload audio videos to YouTube if you prefer to listen that way. Our website has all of our shows covering LARP, movies, tv shows, and gaming, and you can listen there from your browser.

How does someone support 321 Lay-On?

The best way to support us is to tell others about the show. Sharing on Facebook is nice, but just telling someone personally that you know and think might enjoy listening is the greatest thing you could do for us. Also give us feedback and let us know what you think about the shows. We want to keep improving and create content listeners enjoy. Beyond that there are the usually ways, subscribing to our podcasts on your podcast apps, giving our NLN Facebook page a like, and giving us a review on iTunes helps our show be found more easily. If you want to support us in a financial way, we do have a Next Level Nerd Patreon page ( Those donations will go towards the upkeep of the shows such as podcast hosting fee, website hosting, ads we run from time to time.

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